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The Nature and Wellness Connection

Calm ~ Cognition ~ 

Supporting students and community with effective and restorative centering skills.

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"This morning was really amazing. I really enjoyed it. I would love to do it again. I feel that what we did was really calming, gave me more energy, and put me in a better mood." 8th Grade Student participant

Wild Berries

Our Story

We are a passionate and committed group of certified forest bathing practitioners dedicated to empowering young people and their caregivers with an embodied set of skills and tools that deepen our connection to nature. These tools have been developed in response to an overwhelming need to help the community regulate during the ongoing challenges in today’s fast paced technology driven lives. 


With nature guiding our mission, we have developed a research and physiology based school program that supports effective self calming skills in relationship with nature, offered on campus in an engaging format modified for each grade level. These nature practices can be used in any setting e.g. schoolyard, backyard, or park, making them easily accessible at any time. Time spent consciously connecting to nature helps to balance our current state of device and sensory overload and nature deprivation, and towards more connection, grounding and an increased ability to navigate and regulate our emotional wellbeing. Other benefits include improved cognition, reduced levels of stress and anxiety, and increased creativity. 


Our goal is to promote an awareness of how these simple and accessible nature and sensory based skills can support the students, staff and family; and for these principles to become a common coping methodology at school, at home and in the community.

Success Stories

"I think I really liked going out in the morning. It was very calm and it helped start my day. I would like to do it more often."

8th Grade Student

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