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About Us

We are a passionate and committed group of restorative nature therapy practitioners based in Sonoma County, California, dedicated to providing our community with skills and awareness to offer balance to offer to the challenges of the fast pace and stressors of our current lives, especially for our youth. With nature guiding our mission, NWC has developed a scientific and physiology based based school program that supports effective self calming skills in relationship with nature, and its beneficial influence on our physical and emotional wellbeing. 


Who We Help

We are dedicated to supporting students and the community with embodied self regulation skills. Enhancing our ability to inspire calm, cognition and creativity to which can help to restore balance in their everyday lives. 


How We Do It

Utilizing the decades of scientific research developed in the Shinrin Yoku practice, we offer experiential sensory engagement using these beneficial influencers of our nature connection. Through grade appropriate, on-campus and on-trail sessions, we enable students to individually experience and deepen their own relationship to nature and the nature of their wellness. 


What's in It for You

As we live in such a fast-paced and technology driven world, our innate and personal connection to nature can feel distant or lost. By consciously connecting with nature on a regular basis, you can help your body and mind cope with the stresses of the everyday world. The levels of stress and anxiety that permeate our society are at the heart of what this practice speaks to. Offering your body and mind respite and the opportunity to access common coping skills as individuals as well as for the family. 

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