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Programs we offer

On Campus School Program & On Trail Park Program

Delivering on campus, and on trail programs for students and the community to deepen their connection with nature and the nature of their wellness. 

These programs have been developed as a response to offer these skills to our youth in these challenging times. The programs offered on campus are specifically related to each grade level and are an effective technique in restoring a sense of calm. 

NWC skills complement existing Social and Emotional Learning programs. 


Parent/Caregiver nature session

Designed for adults to have the opportunity to take a step back and reconnect to themselves and the world around them.  NWC also offers presentations and additional information for parents, staff and community to give a greater understanding of the foundational and supporting principles behind this science and physiology based program. 


Faculty / Staff

An on or off campus session aimed at providing faculty and staff with calming techniques to reconnect with nature. 

We offer this especially for the parents and school staff in relationship to the on campus program. 

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